Score Authentic Sports Merchandise

Score Authentic Sports Merchandise

Stop by our store for sports memorabilia

Since you can remember, you've loved sports. You keep track of all the rankings, stats and changes in the starting lineup. If sports is something you can't get enough of, stop by Collectors Haven. Our store has a wide variety of sports memorabilia.

You can get authentic helmets, gloves and jerseys. Our inventory is always changing. If you're looking for something specific, reach out to us ahead of time. Contact us now to learn more about our memorabilia.

What memorabilia could you find at our store?

We have all kinds of exciting sports memorabilia. You can go to our store for:

  • Autographed photos
  • Sports equipment
  • Collectible items

Or we can buy items if you have something you'd like to sell. You can hang up your item on the wall or encase it in glass to show off to your friends. Call 716-796-3425 for more information about our sports memorabilia.

Disclaimer: Please note the photos are an example of inventory and may not reflect our current in-stock inventory.