Want to Support Your Favorite Athlete?

Want to Support Your Favorite Athlete?

Get a figurine from our store

Nothing says that you're a fan like a figurine of your favorite player. Come to Collectors Haven to show support for your favorite athlete. Our store carries sports figurines of all sizes. You can get something that stands tall or something pocket-sized.

No matter who your favorite team is, we'll have something for you. Our inventory is subject to change, so make sure to call in advance if you're looking for something specific. Call 716-796-3425 today to learn more about our figurines.

Find the right figurine for your collection

We have all types of figurines at our store. You can find models of:

  • Athletes like Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson
  • Fictional characters like Wolverine and Spock
  • Rock stars from bands like Kiss and ACDC
  • Movie characters like Freddy Krueger and Jason

Stop by now to check out our figurines for yourself.